Custodial Services

Mercer Liaison to National Management Resources:  Don Hicks

Office Telephone Number:  (478) 301-2900

Custodial Services is responsible for the following on campus:

  • Handles normal cleaning, mopping, and vacuuming
  • Provides restroom supplies
  • Handles sanitation services (trash removal)
  • Periodically cleans windows 
  • Periodically cleans carpet and strips/wax floors
  • Emergency services (water extraction, etc.)
  • Recycles paper

Mercer University's custodial services are outsourced to National Management Resources, 
a custodial services contractor, who has been with Mercer since July 1996.

National Managment Resources

Ryan Mellinger, Director
Office Telephone Number:  (478) 301-2782 or (478) 301-2783