We would like to update you on the policies of the Physical Plant so we can better serve you.


Our first priority continues to be preventive maintenance of our facilities to ensure a pleasant and safe campus environment.  To accomplish that goal we will provide routine maintenance such as custodial services, grounds maintenance, and repairs for general maintenance of campus facilities.


We will be happy to assist you with small moves.  Large departmental moves will require an outside moving company, though we can help oversee them.

Non-maintenance Requests

We can also provide services for non-maintenance requests, but work can only be completed as time allows.  Examples of non-maintenance requests include: any construction projects, painting that is not required, and assembling new office furniture.  Charges will be assessed for these services:  be assured that we will make every effort to minimize costs. (These charges are necessary due to staff size limitations and budget constraints.)  Any projects that require immediate attention may need to be completed by an outside vendor.

Event Coordination

The Physical Plant is also responsible for coordination of events held at Black Field, Cruz Plaza, Jesse Mercer Plaza, Newton Chapel, Willingham, and the Quad. You will need to complete a Campus Reservations form to reserve use of these facilities.  Please allow 10 working days lead-time for planning and coordination.  All set-up requests, regardless of the location, should allow 10 working days lead-time.


The Shipping and Receiving Department will deliver all items to your department but is not responsible for assembly.  Orders for equipment and furniture should allow for delivery and installation charges.  We will be happy to assist you in locating a company to provide this service if necessary, since on occasion an authorized dealer may be required.  Please advise us when large orders have been placed; our receiving dock has a limited amount of space and cannot accommodate many large orders at one time.