Grounds Maintenance

Superintendent of Grounds:  Carol A. Hodges
Office Telephone Number (478) 301-2944

The Grounds Department is responsible for all work related to Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance including landscape design, landscape installation, litter removal, mowing, weed control, parking lot repairs, sign and road markings, sidewalk installation and repairs, etc.

This Department is under contract with Brightview Landscape Services, Inc., a landscaping contractor, who has been with Mercer since June 1, 1997. Brightview Landscape Services, Inc. has eight full-time employees and two managers that are assigned to Mercer.

Branch Manager (Brightview) - Dan Adams / Telephone:  (478) 745-3550 or (404) 408-7519.

Our goal at Mercer University Grounds is to maintain a beautiful, safe, home setting environment. For first time students, parents, and visitors, the first impression will be a lasting impression. The Mercer University Grounds Department is committed to providing the best service possible.