Contact Person: MIchelle Beavers 

  • Special Events requests
  • Office Moves
  • Material/Furniture Moves

This information is for the Macon Campus only.  For events, setups or moves on the Atlanta Campus, please contact Beverly Kingsley.

Events and Setups

Fill out a Campus Reservation Form for all events or setups.


The Events/Setups/Moves Department is pleased to assist with your campus moves. Please include the following information in your request, to make your move go as smoothly and efficiently as possible:
  • All pertinent contact information, including times your contact person is available to discuss the move
  • Number of people/offices being moved
  • Where you are moving From and where you are moving To
  • Priority of the move and deadline for moving
  • Estimated number/size of boxes being moved
  • Detailed list of furniture being moved
  • Detailed list of appliances and equipment being moved
  • Detailed list of what is not being moved
  • Detailed list of any new furniture, appliances, and equipment being provided for the new location, and whether or not Moves is expected to pick up and deliver these items
    • If Moves is responsible, include the location and time these items are to be picked up
  • Any other useful information


PLEASE NOTE:  Requests must be received 10 working days prior to the event. If you need to cancel your event or make any changes to the set-up, attendance, etc. you must do so 3 working days in advance.